Alberto Battaglino

For those looking for information about me actively, here you will find a mix of fiction and reality. Not only who I am, but also who I would like to be. Isn’t that the way to become what we want to be?

For those that came across this page by chance, and don’t know me or worst yet, if you know me and want nothing from me, well I am sorry  (particularly if you belong to the second group); to you I would say: “close this window and move on, life is short and probably you don’t want to spend time in things you don’t care about”.

If you are looking for “business-like” information, check my resume which is “almost” up to date. I will get to update it some time.


Welcome to my little piece of net-land

About me

  1. -Über Architect

  2. -Improbable athlete

  3. -Technology tinkerer

  4. -Musician wanna be

  5. -Self Proclaimed GMF

  6. -Urban ninja

  7. -日本文化の学生

Contact me

Living somewhere in Fort Worth, TX

check my links page for other sites I own/maintain....